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Does your clinic or facility embroider their uniforms? For bulk purchases we are able to offer embroidery or applied logos at a great price.

Our experienced partner vendor does excellent customization work and with a quick turnaround! Ask us more to find out.

Considering Scrubs?
Here are a few reasons why they are a practical option:

  • There's no worrying about what to wear the next day.  Scrubs relieve the pressure of having to go to work looking like a fashion icon!
  • Scrubs are designed for easy cleaning.  The fabrics used in construction of our products are all designed to be "soil release" fabrics.
  • Scrubs are comfortable.  All of our scrubs are made with the understanding that these will be worn all day, and every day!
  • Value.  Scrubs are much more reasonably priced than other uniforms.  This allows you to perform well at your position, while not being concerned about damaging expensive dress wear.


For Employers:
Uniforms will help your team look their best.  Without the distraction of outfits, and expensive dress wear, your employees will be able to focus more on your valued patients or clients.  Many facilities or clinics will subsidize the purchase of uniforms, and this in turn makes your employees feel valuable.  Your patients or clients will be able to feel the difference at your facility by being able to easily recognize your staff members.  For larger facilities, we have experience in using different colour uniforms to differentiate staff by their job types. 

The other benefit of uniforms is for security reasons*.  Security, and trust are two major factors in a successful healthcare facility.  The larger your facility, the more difficult it is to keep track of everyone, even with the use of ID Cards.  (*Please note: This will apply more to larger facilities such as Hospitals, Care Homes, or other similar facilities)

Keeping your patients happy and enjoying their experience at your clinic will keep them coming back.  Uniforms are just one of the ways to enhance their experience by showing your patients how professional and organized your staff are.  This will help relieve the stress that some people feel when visiting a new clinic. 


I Want To Outfit My Clinic:
Arranging uniforms for any size facility can be very time consuming.  We offer consultation with a brief few questions about your facility.  With our experienced staff, we typically can suggest a direction for you to follow.  Our catalog makes it easy to see which styles we offer, and which colours they come in.  If you are planning to outfit your clinic or facility, please contact our team below:

Brock Abel - General Sales Manager
Phone: 1-800-665-1799

If you are a local Victoria & Surrounding Area clinic or facility, we offer a very easy, specialized service.
We can put billing information on file under an account, and you will be able to send your staff in to fit their own uniforms.  This will help ease the amount of time it takes to have one individual constantly going back and forth to complete orders, and to help in fitting.  You can specify which styles, colours, and whether you require matching sets or not.  We will instantly send you an invoice from that employee (either sent by email or fax), and will reference that employees name for your records.  If you would like to set this up, please contact our team:

Brock Abel - General Sales Manager
Phone: 250-370-2004


For all wholesale inquiries, please use the contact above.
If you are a school, or a government facility, please also contact us with specifics on your facility.



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