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Since 2000, Professional Choice Uniforms has been a supporter of local & international charities.
We have a particular local charity who we have a great relationship with, and we greatly admire the work that they do. 

The Compassionate Resource Warehouse, is a local Victoria based charity who intakes, sorts, and distributes donated products throughout the world.  Their team of dedicated volunteers spend countless hours working through the donations, and ensures that each product makes it to a suitable destination.  They have over 50 countries around the world which receieve goods by the container load!

This video below is a short story filmed by one of our local news stations. 

We are very grateful for this group of men and women, and we will continue to support them as much as we can.




We also support international humanitarian charities through donations, and are very appreciative of the work that they do on a global scale.  We encourage everyone who is able to give, to do so to any charity of your choice.


Munoz & Ebenezer School - Haiti

PACE Canada - Jamaica

Watoto - Uganda








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